How To Get Your Licence

Forklift Licence

The testing component of your licence is vital for you to pass in order to gain your forklift licence.


What tests will you need to complete?

  1. Written Test consisting of 66 questions. 25 star (critical) questions must be answered correctly in order to pass your test.
  2. Calculations Test
  3. Practical Test

The assessment must be completed in English and no interpreters are allowed. You have the option of a written or oral assessment.

Once you have completed your forklift training test, you will be able to drive a Forklift for up to 2 months with the pink slip (L2 form) your assessor provides you. Once you receive your pink slip, you will need to go to the Australian Post Office within 60 days to process your licence and pay $60pp. After 60 days, your pink slip (L2 form) will not be accepted at Australia Post which means you will need to resit your licence test again at full cost if you wish to drive a Forklift.  You licence will be sent to you within 2 months of processing.

Before your assessment

  • Make sure you have studied the Forklift Learner Guide
  • Present one of the following primary documents: an Australian Birth Certificate, Birth Card, Marriage Certificate
  • Present one of the following current secondary documents: Australian Photo Drivers Licence, Australian Photo Learner Permit, Centerlink Card, Photo Keypass