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Why train with TDT Training?

Business services to enhance your workplace

At TDT Training we have a range of training and skills sourcing services and solutions available to our clients. We understand that Industrial Sector (including Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing and Construction) workplaces and needs vary great between businesses, for this reason we can offer standard or customised solutions. By discussing your needs with our Client Relationship Manager, we can help you identify gaps in your current safety and compliance training strategy, create cost-free and effective ways of sourcing qualified staff, or suggest ways to improve your employee productivity.

Speak to TDT Training today and experience the benefits of our business services such as:

  • Dedicated Client Relationship Managers to support and assist your business
  • Flexible and customised training to meet any budget
  • Expert Accredited Trainers
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Measured Outcomes
  • Top Facilities & Equipment
  • Government funding access
  • Access to our student database to source skills where and when you need them, at no cost to you

Real benefits of staff training

Improving safety & productivity while lowering your risk

“Investing in effective employee training will increase skills, knowledge, productivity, morale and help reduce workplace incidents. The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 requires employers to provide such training to employees as is necessary to enable the employees to perform their work in a manner that is safe and without risks to health.”

Taken from the Victorian WorkCover Authority website.

As well as improving safety in your workplace, staff training has a number of benefits which adds value to your business and culture; some of these are:

  • Boosts staff morale; resulting in reduced absenteeism and improved retention rates
  • Improves performance and increases productivity
  • Increases awareness of Health & Safety within the workplace
  • Tailored and practical programs can address skill gaps in your business
  • Strengths employee/employer relationships by demonstrating a commitment to invest in the growth and safety of employees
  • Builds an ‘employer of choice’ work culture by displaying innovation and improvement

Have you thought about using training programs to address new employee inductions, reinforce company processes, reduce stock damage or for up-skilling staff in preparation for promotion opportunities? You may be missing out on excellent opportunities to use government funding and improve you business; call our Client Relationship team today on 0439 548 177 to arrange a free and no-obligation meeting to discuss your business needs.

We can train you in the workplace

With our vast industry experience and accredited trainers and assessors, employees will get the opportunity to learn from the best while gaining the practical skills required to feel comfortable in any scenario.


For general enquiries, or to make a booking please call our team on 0439 548 177, or email us at enquiries@tdttraining.com.au