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  • Forklift Truck Refresher Short Course

    Forklift Refresher training can be provided for all forklift operator types including Reach, Grab, Counter-Balance, Pallet Trucks, Articulated and Wav.

    Although initial Forklift Licence training provides skills to operate a forklift in a safe manner, your warehouse environment can change, operators drive unfamiliar forklifts, or just get complacent with safety procedures; providing Refresher training can help!

    “Every year, forklift-related incidents result in Australians being killed at work and more than half of them are pedestrians…” Source: Victorian WorkCover Authority

    How would you rate your Forklift Operators safety practices? Do they…

    • toot their horns around corners?
    • wear seat belts?
    • know what’s above them?
    • know how to read a forklift data plate?

    If not, your forklift operators could be making your warehouse un-safe place to work.

    As an accredited training organisation, our refresher courses are designed to ensure safe work practices are adhered to in the workplace. Refresher training for load moving operators assists organisations in complying with their ‘Duty of Care’ obligations to their staff.

    Benefits of training with TDT:

    • Measure real reductions in equipment maintenance, near misses, incidents, injury and damage.
    • Our Trainers are accredited Safety Specialists by who will assist you to meet your safety and training outcomes.
    • Comprehensive customised refresher training courses. Understanding no two clients are alike you will receive a consult session to identify any site specific Operating or behavioural issues that can be addressed in training.
    • Utilise and incorporate client load moving equipment.
    • Strong theory training component using PowerPoint, Q & A with activity book; complemented by practical assessment.
    • Written report for management on employee competency.
    • Each employee is issued with “Certificate of Completion”
    • All training material, including employee certificates, are co-branded with your logo

    What will my employees learn with TDT Forklift Refresher Training?

    Forklift Drivers who complete our course will become familiarised with current forklift safety legislation and taught how to minimise risk by maintaining a safe workplace and warehouse environment.

    What can I expect on the day?

    Our Refresher Training courses are fully customisable; below is an example 3 hour Forklift Refresher training program, suitable for most operators.

    Time Activity Delivery
    5 Minutes Meet and greet. Q&A
    45 Minutes – Hazards – controls and planning
    – Communications
    – Weights
    – Pre-start inspection
    – Post-start operational checks
    – General operations
    – Load centers
    – Shut Down
    Activity book integrated with a Power Point presentation.Discussion with Q&A.
    10 Minutes Break
    120 Minutes
    – Practical performance
    – Site inspection
    – Pre-operational checks
    – Read data plate
    – Post start check
    – Manoeuvring
    – Load handling
    – Communication
    – Park forklift
    – Post operational checks
    Report Card to assess clients practical ability and identifying hazards and controls within the workplace
    N/A Written report Refresher Trainer provides written evaluation report for management on employee competency.


    Learn more about forklift health and safety topics here.

  • Our pricing is highly competitive, and adjusted to meet your workplace training requirements. Speak with one of our Client Relationship Managers who will manage your needs and assist you every step of the way.

    Theory Only 2 hours Price per person or per group, on request*
    Theory & Practical 4 hours Price per person or per group, on request*

    * Minimum numbers are required.

  • Training is available on-site at your workplace.

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